"Watching the TV program of the marathon (in Rio de Janeiro Olympic)"(先日の填詞「観馬拉松(倣宴山亭)」の英訳です)

Title: “Watching the TV program of the marathon (in Rio de Janeiro Olympic)”
(Based on one of the musics of Tianci, “To hold the banquet in the arbor in the mountain.”)

The runners’ running abilities were same with each other.
Their staining powers were different each other.
And they improved themselves to run the whole long distance.

Their field to struggle was the place
where the sea water was clear and bright,
and the white sands on the beach were good.

The qurious rocks of the islands of various sizes,
and the mysteriousness of the scenery,
were applauded any number of times.

I saw the scenery to get on the high building,
and I could see the scenery
going to the end of the circumstances of the lands,
and the phenomena of the celestial objects.
And the scenery were equally divided with precipitousness and flatness.


The beginning of the race, the powerful runners were cohered.
When they had heared the voice of the signal gun, like a kind of the thunders,
just then, they were started at the same time.

In front of the runners,
a runner ran more fast than the other runners.
And the runner was superior to the other runners,
with leaving the group of the other runners far away.

The race was severe every time.
The temporary force of the runners
were waxing and waning like the moon.

Somebody raised something up high,
for making a good news known to everybody,
For the runner, the distance of the marathon is lightly and fast.

Masaya Samura (pen name: Gensai Shirakawa) in Osaka, Japan
(at August 23, 2016 (for August 22))